Pleasure, Pain & the World in Between: An Online Workshop

Meditation can transform our pre-conceived ideas about how we experience reality. We’ll be exploring our notions of pleasure and pain and the spaces around and between.

Joy, Freedom & Spontaneity: An Online Workshop

Joy, Freedom & Spontaneity: An Online Workshop with David Nichtern Tuesday Dec 15   7-9PM $25 | Preregistration required Sometimes our spiritual study and practice can make us more opinionated, dogmatic, tightly wound, humorless and even self-righteous. In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition I studied, it was hard not to notice that the greatest masters I met [...]

“Beyond Self-Deception” An Online Workshop

As we tread on the path of meditation, there are and will be many obstacles to face. Working with and transcending obstacles such as laziness, depression, doubt, fear, and pride, is the backbone of this path.

“How Much Time Do We Have? A Buddhist View of Time” – An Online Workshop

An online gathering with David Nichtern  with meditation practice and instruction, dharma talk and discussion Tuesday October 20th, 7:00-9:30pm EDT $35 – advanced registration required (enrollment is limited) Time is one of the most elusive and powerful elements of our lives. It seems to speed up, slow down, and even stand still. Why does standing [...]

Practicing with Mind AND Body – An Online Workshop

My teacher, the late meditation master Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche used to say that much of the time we don’t actually experience our body properly at all. Instead we experience what he called “psycho-somatic body” or mind’s version of body. At some point in our practice working with our physical body and the world of form altogether is extremely important.

Leaning Into Your Practice: Inspiration, Resistance and Exertion Online Workshop

Once the honeymoon with meditation practice is over (for some people that can be the first 5 minutes, others might be weeks, months or years), it can feel like our inspiration to practice can wane dramatically.

Mindful of the Pie Hole – Clarifying our Relationship to Food, Drink and Speech Online Workshop

Our mouth is the gateway to so many kinds of karma. What goes in (food, drink etc.) becomes inextricably linked with who we are and who we are becoming. What goes out (speech mostly) has a lot to do with how our relationships with others and with our world take shape.

Why Meditate?

So, how do you go about meditating? Just like most other endeavors, you need to seek out good instruction and practice a technique that’s been proven both efficacious and productive for other people who meditate. Sitting down in a quiet room, crossing your legs, and humming won’t work. You need tools to draw from.

A Lot of Funny S*** Happened to Me on My Way to Enlightenment

An online workshop with David Nichtern April 7, 2015 - 7-10 PM EST -  $35 advanced registration required. How does our karmic situation come together? This online workshop will be a composite examination of the 5 skandhas, 6 realms, and 8 consciousnesses…. oh heck throw in the 12 nidanas while you’re at it…. But seriously, we will [...]

Touch & Go: The Rhythm of Awareness

We might think that the meditative state is something we can grasp onto, solidify, and possess, but that is actually not the case. Our practice is to touch in, make contact, and let go, over and over again – that is the rhythm of awareness.